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Pink Roses Polka Dot
Pink Roses Polka Dot
Pink Roses Polka Dot

Pink Roses Polka Dot

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Our trendy and beautiful nail wraps are made for your quick and pretty manicure at home!
• they are toxic-free (meaning that they are safe for kids as well). Free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene.
• they are self-adhesive
• they can be easily removed
• they do not damage nail plates
• they do not require drying time and they do not smudge
• they last up to 10-14 days (it is recommended to use a topcoat)
• they are very affordable

How to apply:
1. Wash your hands to get any oils off your nails
2. Find the wraps that fit best by matching the round portion to your cuticle. Set the wraps aside
3. Push back cuticles and file the nails to the desired shape
4. Buff your nails with the nail buffer to increase the adhesion of the nail wraps
5. Wipe the nails with rubbing alcohol
6. Remove the clear cover from the front and back of the nail wrap
7. Place the round edge against your cuticle. Slowly stretch and smooth the wrap down onto your nail from base to tip. If the wrap is touching cuticle or skin please readjust the wrap so that it covers only the nail area
8. Fold the wrap at the end of your nail and file off the excess with a downward motion
9. Cover the nail with a top coat of your choice. Gel systems and no-wipe gel top coats often help the wraps last 2-3 weeks or longer

Important tips for nail wraps application:
Due to temperature changes some wraps may become slightly less elastic. In order to correct this you can warm up the wraps with a hair dryer before application. This will help the wraps become more elastic and adhere better to the nails.
It is best to put the nail wraps on before bed as it will give them the time to set without exposure to moisture.
Wait a couple of hours before exposing your nails to water.
Please use the wraps in room temperature. If they have been exposed to cold please let them warm up.
Please use top coat as a final step during applying the nail wraps.
Don't forget to "cap" the tip of your nail when putting on the top coat as that will prevent unnecessary lifting.
If you are looking for better adhesion please use nail buffer of 200 grit and coarser or even a nail file. Some nail plates are shinier than others and require to be "prepped" a bit more.
If the wrap is not elastic enough please make sure that the clear cover was removed from the top of it.
Please file the excess of the nail wrap only in a downward motion. Filing up and down can cause tearing of the wrap instead of "cutting" it.
It is recommended to use a high-quality top coat like Essie or Sally Hansen. It is recommended not to use fast drying top coat as it can wrinkle the wraps. If you are looking for long-lasting effect use either kind of gel - the one that doesn't require UV lamp or the one that does.
Please ensure that nail wraps are used immediately after opening the package as they are made from nail polish and they can dry out with time. To keep them fresh please reseal the opened end of the vacuum bag with the hair straightener or mini heat sealer.
If the wrap or a decal doesn't properly fit we recommend trimming the bigger wrap to the size of the nail before using it.
It is always better to use smaller wrap than a bigger one as it is important for the wrap not to touch skin or cuticle.

Removal tips: The wraps can be peeled off after soaking the nails in warm water. Nail polish remover (with acetone or without) can be used as well if you prefer, but the warm water should do the trick. If there is any sticky residue left on your nails afterward it can be washed off easily with soap.

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