How to apply the waterslide nail decals

How to apply the waterslide nail decals

Water Transfer Decal Application

How to apply:

1. Prep your nails and finish the desired manicure (cover your nails with nail polish /gel polish of your choice)
2. Make sure that your nails are fully dry (for gel - cured under UV lamp but the sticky residue should not be removed)
3. Carefully cut out the decals as close to the design as possible
4. Drop the decals into a shallow dish with water and wait 15-30 sec
5. Slide off the decal carefully from the backing paper with tweezers and place it into desired spot. The side that was touching the paper is the side that should touch your nail. Smooth the decal and dab it with a paper towel to remove excess water
6. Wait for the decal to set (to dry) few minutes. You can also use hair dryer to speed up the process
7. If the decal hangs over the nail file cut off the excess with scissors and file off the rest with a downward motion if needed
8. Cover the nail with a top coat of your choice. Gel systems and no-wipe gel top coats often help the decals last up to two weeks

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