About Us

Hello Beautiful!

I have always been interested in nail art and design since my teenage years. Now, being a busy mom of three little ones, I have been looking and researching for solutions to how to have a beautiful, affordable, and quick manicure or pedicure at home. I have always done my nails by myself (well, besides going to the salon a few times) and I have tried a lot of different things and tested different products. Of course, some things work for some people and the same things don’t work for others. However, I have found something that works for most and I am sharing it here with you - real nail polish wraps!

Besides nail wraps, we also have water transfer nail decals that are perfect for those who still prefer nail polish or gel but are looking to add some beautiful designs and art to their nails.

Some of these products I will be making with the help of my partner manufacturer from overseas and some of them I will be making myself at home. They will be all packaged with love by me 😊

Happy Shopping! ❤️