VAT & Taxes

EU/UK VAT Compliant Etsy Shop

If you are shopping from the EU or UK, as of July 1, 2021 you will need to shop from our Etsy store. There Etsy will collect and report any VAT taxes due on your purchase. If you ignore this redirect, we may ship your order Delivery Duty Unpaid. This means the customer (you) will be responsible any taxes or added fees due upon delivery. 

EU/UK Customers Who Bypass Our Etsy VAT Shop

You cannot avoid paying VAT by ordering from our main store. If we ship your order and you refuse delivery to avoid paying VAT and added fees, your order will not be refunded until the package arrives back at our location. Which is unlikely as we will not pay the fees usually involved with returning a package refused due to VAT.

US Sales Tax

We do not collect US taxes on our website as we do not have a nexus in any US state. Therefore, neither us or our customers have to pay any sales tax while buying on our website. However, if the order is placed at our Etsy store the appropriate taxes are charged and remitted directly by Etsy.

Canadian Sales Tax

We are registered to collect and remit GST/HST and other provincial sales tax according to our customer's province of shipment, therefore, the sales tax will be charged at checkout.

All Others

As of this writing, there should be no other taxes applied to your shipment on our website. Depending on your local laws, larger orders maybe subject to your local tax laws, and it is customer's responsibility to pay these taxes and customs fees.