Removal of Nail Polish Wraps

Removal of Nail Polish Wraps

Here are two options for how you can remove the nail wraps without damaging your nails:

1. Remove with the nail polish remover

Place a small piece of cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover on each nail. Any nail polish remover will work!

Wait 3-4 min, then slide off the cotton pad from the cuticle towards the tip of your nail. If the wrap sticks to your nail still, gently push it off with a cuticle pusher or a wooden manicure stick.

2. Coconut oil OR lemon juice with warm water

Prepare a small bowl with warm water, add coconut oil or lemon juice (or both),  and soak your nails in the mixture. After a few minutes, break the seal between the wrap and the nail by gently lifting the wrap from a side with a cuticle pusher or a manicure wooden stick. The wrap should come off without sticking to the nail. If there is any sticky residue left over please wash your hands with warm water and soap.

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